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From AstroNotes February 1982

"Merit Award                         Fred Lossing 1967

"Most Valuable Member - Based on outstanding contributions made to the Observer's Group over a period of time."The Merit Award is a stiff-backed paper certificate approximately 12 by 14 inches in size. It is worded as follows


"This 19 Certificate of Merit is awarded to ______________ in recognition of exceptional service to the Observer's Group, Ottawa Centre, RASC.


Here is the updated listing of Merit Award winners from 1967 to 1981. Only the years listed are those in which the certificate was presented to a member of the Observer's Group

1968 - Les MacDonald
1970 - Fred Dossing
1971 - Bill Dey, Tom Tothill
1972 - Stan Mott, Ken Perrins
1977 - Rob Dick, Peter McKinnon"