Observation Challenges for June

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  Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar

Messier 64
AKA “Black Eye Galaxy”
Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices
~8th magnitude
10.7’ x 5.1’ apparent size

NGC 5529
Spiral Galaxy in Boötes
11th Magnitude in brightness
6.2’ x 0.8’ apparent size

NGC 6578
Planetary Nebula in Sagittarius
13.5th magnitude
8”x8” size

Crater Catharina
Ancient lunar impact crater
Located near Rupes Altai
100km wide
3.1km deep


Messier 13
AKA NGC 6205
Globular Cluster in Hercules
~22,200–25,000 light-years away
Apparent magnitude ~5.8
~23' diameter

NGC 3172
AKA "Polarissima Borealis" is a galaxy in Ursa Minor
Closest NGC object to the north celestial pole
~280 Mly distant

GC 6197
A 15th-magnitude lenticular galaxy (type SB0/a?) in Hercules
~454 Mly distant
"extremely faint, extended, stellar"

Rimae Alphonsus
Rille system on the floor of crater Alphosus.