Observation Challenges for May

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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar

Messier 51
AKA “Whirlpool Galaxy”
Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici
~8th magnitude
11’.1 x 6’.9 apparent size
Interacting with NGC5194

Abell 36
Planetary nebula in Virgo
~13th magnitude
~6’ x 6’ apparent size
Catalogued as PK318+41.1

UGC 5470
Dwarf spheroidal galaxy in Leo
Located on 12’ from Regulus
making it difficult to observe
due to glare
~11th magnitude
9’.8 x 7’.4 in apparent size
Crater Archimedes
& Montes Archimedes

Impact crater on the eastern
edges of Mare Imbrium
81km in diameter
2.1km deep
Surrounding mountains have
the same name

Messier 101
Spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
Known as the “Pinwheel Galaxy”
7.86 Apparent Magnitude

NGC 4361
Planetary Nebula in Corvus
Also catalogued as PK 294+43.1
10.9 Apparent Magnitude
Rather small at 45” in diameter

Hickson Compact Galaxy Group 50
Galaxy group in Ursa Major
How many of the galaxies can you find?
14.4 apparent magnitude
Right near M97, so have a look at that while you’re there

Lambert R
“Ghost” Crater just to the south of Crater Lambert
55km in diameter
Located in Mare Imbrium


Messier 3
A globular cluster in
Canes Venatici
Magnitude 6.3

The Antennae
Comprised of NGC 4038 & 4039
Magnitudes 10.9 & 11.1
A pair of gravitationally interacting galaxies in the constellation Corvus

Abell 33
A Planetary Nebula in the constellation Hydra
Magnitude 13.4
AKA PK230+34.1

O’Neill’s Bridge
Not actually a lunar feature, but an illusion due to lighting
Located near on the western edge of Mare Crisis
Best viewed on the 16th and 17th lunar days (when the colongitude of the sun is approximately 127 ̊)