2017 General Assembly Registration


2017 General Assembly

            June 30 – July 2

Hosted by RASC Ottawa Centre



Registration open March 31 to June 9

GA Registration Fees

  • Member Full Weekend Registration: $60
  • Non-member Guest Full Weekend Registration: $35
  • Friday evening BBQ: $25
  • Sunday evening Banquet: $55
  • Diefenbunker tour and star party: included with your Full Weekend Registration (either member or non-member)
  • Bus to downtown attractions on Friday June 30: included with your Full Weekend Registration (either member or non-member)

Notes About Registration Options

  • Guest registration is available for people who have no official standing with the RASC, but would like to come along with an RASC member. Note that guests will not be eligible to participate in the Annual General Meeting.
  • A paid registration is required for presentations, the Diefenbunker Tour and Star Party, and Downtown Tours.

Registration Processing Fees

We are using the Zone4 secure online registration system. Processing fees are shown on the registration form. These include a $1 access fee, plus $1 for each person listed in the registration, and a 3% credit card merchant fee. All taxes are included.

A Note On Cyber-Security

Some people have reported that the Firefox browser might flag our registration partner's site as being a potential security risk. We have contacted our registration partner to pass on these reports. They've looked into it and replied back to us. They have recently completed the regular renewal of their security certificate. Information that has been stored in your browser's cache might conflict with the renewed data.

Our advice is:

  • Use only the link we've provided to our registration partner: click on the big blue button just below.
  • If you get a warning, clear your browser's cache and try again. For Firefox, here's how to clear the browser cache.
  • If you're still not certain, please make a note of what's happened; a screen shot would be very helpful. Contact us immediately, and we will look into it.

Being careful about cyber-security is sensible. We take it seriously, as does our registration partner.

Please contact us if you have any concerns, at either ga2017@ottawa-rasc.ca or president@ottawa-rasc.ca.


Help on Using the Registration System

We've tried to make the registration form easy to use, but everyone has a different tolerance for websites. We've recorded a short video showing how to register an attendee and a guest.

Registration Walkthrough Video



Go to Zone 4 to Register