Brian McCullough (2017 GA Chair)

Educators Outreach Workshop

A fast-paced workshop to share a few engaging activities developed for school and community outreach programs. Activities include: Marshmallow Moon, Teabag Galaxies, Junkyard Space Base, Seasonal Star Clock, Pocket Sundial, Designer Constellations, Ping-Pong Planets, and a colourful twist on the standard meteor impact demonstration.

Brian McCulloughBrian found his first telescope under the Christmas Tree, just as Apollo 8 was orbiting the Moon in December 1968. He has been a keen astronomer ever since, and retains a great love of observing the Moon. Brian is very active in education and outreach, working privately and as an astronomy educator for the Canada Science and Technology Museum. A Life Member of the RASC, Brian has served as the Ottawa Centre's Vice-President, President, Meeting Chair, and AstroNotes editor, and is currently a National Council Representative.

A former Royal Canadian Navy officer, Brian applied his astronomical skills as a maritime navigator. He is now the editor of the Maritime Engineering Journal, and writes for Postmedia. In addition to astronomy, Brian is active in amateur theater, and is an accomplished artist and amateur musician.