Charles O'Dale

Holleford Crater Tour — Monday July 03 2017

Aerial View of Holleford CraterThe Holleford Impact Structure is located 27 kilometres north of Kingston and 132 kilometres south-west of Ottawa in southern Ontario.

• Type: Simple
• Age: 550 ±100 ma
• Diameter: 2.35 km
• Location: Ontario, Canada N 44° 28’ W 76° 38’
• Shock Metamorphism: PDF in quartz grains (Robertson, Bunch, 1968)


Plaque at Hollegord CraterThe Holleford Crater

A meteorite travelling 55,000 kilometres per hour (15.3 kilometres per second) smashed into the earth here eons ago, blasting a hole 244 metres deep and 2.5 kilometres wide. Aerial photographs revealed the crater in 1955, and since then scientists have pieced together much of its geological history. Analysis of drill samples suggest that the meteorite struck in the late Precambrian or early Cambrian period (between 450 and 650 million years ago). At first the depression filled with water, becoming a circular lake. Later, Palaeozoic seas swept in sediments, filling the crater to its present depth of about 30 metres. The explosive impact of the meteorite (estimated to have been only 90 metres in diameter) is still evident in the hundreds of feet of shattered rock that drilling has detected beneath the original crater floor.



Tour Details

The Holleford Crater Tour is limited to a maximum of 50 participants. The $40 fee includes a boxed lunch.

  • Participants meet at the Algonquin College Campus and travel by deluxe tour bus to the Holleford Crater.
  • The bus leaves Algonquin College at 8:00 am, and returns to the campus by 2:45 pm.
  • Some walking over short distances will be required. Participants should be sure to wear suitable footwear. Bring a hat and light rain gear.

Charles O'Dale PhotoCharles "Chuck" O'Dale has been fascinated by impact craters since childhood. For many years, he's combined his interests in astronomy, geology, and flying by exploring meteor impact craters throughout North America.

Chuck has served as the RASC Ottawa Centre's Vice-President, President, and Meeting Chair. He has enthralled Ottawa Centre members with his popular series of crater exploration presentations, and is very active in the Ottawa Centre's outreach activities. His contributions were honored with an RASC Ottawa Centre Service Award in 2016.