Dr. Eric Steinbring—Ruth Northcott Lecturer

Astronomy from Coast to Coast to Coast

Winter in the Far North is dark, cold, and dry. These are harshly beautiful conditions for both people and telescopes.  Come along to Eureka, on Ellesmere Island, at the tip of Canada. Here, coastal mountains rise into in calm, clear air, and stand in a special polar window from which we can see the glow of cosmic events.

Eric SteinbringDr. Eric Steinbring is an astronomer with the National Research Council of Canada, working in high-resolution imaging of distant quasars and galaxies.  This combines space-telescope data with the technology of adaptive optics from the ground.  It is a technique possible only from the best astronomical sites, taking him to the forefront observatories of Hawai'i and Chile, and even to the High Arctic.