Dr. Nadine Manset—Banquet Speaker

Twenty-four Years of Adventures and Explorations at the Observatoire du Mont Megantic and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

During the past 24 years, our Sun has not evolved much and our Galaxy has not changed either. But during the past 24 years, astronomers have witnessed incredible advances in technologies and observing strategies. Queue scheduled observations, signal-to-noise ratio optimizations, better detectors, dome vents, and novel instruments have improved the observing efficiency and led to new and exciting discoveries.

Nadine MansetDr. Nadine Manset was born in Montreal where she studied physics and astronomy. She became a resident astronomer at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope right after submitting her PhD thesis in 1999. She currently oversees the Queued Service Observing mode and manages the Astronomy group.

Dr. Manset is active in astronomy education and outreach. She serves as the chair of the Maunakea Astronomy Outreach Committee and teaching at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. She now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. When off work, she harvests fruits from her property, plays with her dogs, and reads science fiction books.