Next Monthly Meeting and AGM - 2018 December 7

Members and non-members are invited to our next monthly RASC Ottawa Centre meeting on 2018 December 2 starting at 7:30 pm in the auditorium at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. We will be holding the 2nd of our bi-annual swap tables before the meeting, starting at 7:00PM.  We will then start the meeting itself at 7:30PM -- so be sure to bring any shiny astronomy trinkets you wish to sell, or a wallet full of cash with which to purchase new-to-you items!

We will be beginning our meeting with our Annual General Meeting where Council will deliver its reports on the activities of the club over the course of the year, elect new members to council, and conduct other official club business -- once we get through the AGM, we will move on to our program: Brian McCullough will be taking us through his 50 Year Journey to the Moon and the Apollo 8 Mission; and Rick Wagner will be covering the Messier List of DSOs and the observing certificate available for it from the Society.