Observation Challenges for April

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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar
2020 Messier 95
Also catalogued as NGC3351
32.6MLy away in Leo
11.4 apparent magnitude
3.1’ x 2.9’ apparent size

NGC 2905
Bright gas cloud in NGC2903
30.6Mly away in Leo
0.5’ in apparent size

Abell Galaxy Cluster 106
Also known as Hydra 1AGC10
Contains 6 galaxies of 14th magnitude within a 20’ field

Crater Piccolomini
Impact crater in the SE of the moon
88km in diameter
4.5km deep
South of Mare Nectaris


Messier 82
Irregular galaxy in Ursa Major
Known as the “Cigar Galaxy” because of its shape
9.2 Magnitude

Messier 109
Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
10.5 Magnitude
Just 0.6 ̊SE of Gamma Ursae Majoris

Galaxies Beyond M44
Whole pile of galaxies in the background of M44
NGC 2624, NGC2625, NGC 2637, NGC 2643, NGC2647, CGCG 89-56, CGCG 89-62, IC2388, UGC 4526
Range in brightness from 15.6 - 14.5 magnitude

Hortensius Dome Field
Lava Domes near the Crater Hortensius
Best observed on lunar days 9 and 22