Observation Challenges for August

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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar

M57 - The Ring Nebula
Planetary Nebula in Lyra
Apparent Magnitude 8.8

Planetary Nebula in Ophiuchus
Magnitude 8.1
Fairly small at 15” across

Palomar 11
Globular cluster in Aquilla
Magnitude 9.8

Clavius Craterlets
Within the Crater Clavius near the souther limb of the Moon
13 craterlets total: Porter, Rutherfurd, D, L, C, K, N, J, JA, T, W, X, Y
Range from 50km - 6km in diameter
Best viewed on lunar day 8 and 21

  M57  Bob Olson NGC 6562  Bob Olson Palomar 11   Bob Olson

Messier 8 - The Lagoon Nebula
Emission Nebula in Sagittarius
Spans 90’ x 60’
A great binocular target

NGC 6886
Planetary Nebula in Sagitta
11.8 in Apparent Magnitude

Abell Galaxy Cluster 2151
Galaxy group in Hercules
42+ Galaxies catalogued
Ranging in brightness from 13.5 - 16.6 magnitude

Rupes Kelvin & Promontorium Kelvin
Located in Mare Homoroum
Rupes Kelvin is a 86km long escarpment
Promontorium Kelvin is lunar headland 45km in length

Messier 55
Globular Cluster in Sagittarius
~6th magnitude
19’ apparent size

NGC 6826
Planetary nebula in Cygnus
Known as the “blinking” nebula
8.8th magnitude
27” in size

IC 4732
Planetary nebula in Sagittarius
13th magnitude
10” in size

Crater Eratosthenes
Lunar impact crater
Located between Mare Imbrium and Sinus Aestuum mare
59km wide
3.6km deep