Observers' Challenge - April 2018

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Here are the challenge objects Oscar Echeverri posed at the April 6 meeting:
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Messier 81 
M 84
Hickson Compact Galaxy
Group 44

 Hiockson Compact Group 44
NGC 4284
 NGC 4284
Messier and Messier A craters.
 Messier and Messier A craters
Oscar also pleaded that "I'd like to see more people submit reports than did this past month -- I encourage everyone to participate, not just imagers! You can submit reports by way of images, sketches, or even without any imagery, you can come up and give a verbal report that perhaps includes the conditions you made your observations under, and the details of the equipment you used -- and of course a description of the object as you observed it!"
And perhaps next month we'll post members' photos, sketches and whatnot.