Observers' Challenges for May 2019

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Here are the Observers' Challenges for May 2019.
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(NGC 5457)

a.k.a the Piwheel Galaxy, is a face-on "grand design" spiral galaxy distanced 21 million light-years (six megaparsecs)[3] away from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major.

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NGC 4361
NGC 4361 is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Corvus.

Hickson Compact Group 50

Hickson 50 is considered the most difficult of the Hickson galaxy groups to observe. It is estimated by some to be 2 billion light-years in distance, based on red shift measurements.

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Lambert R
 "Gohst crater" Lambert R
Just to the south of Lambert's ramparts is the lava-covered rim of Lambert R, a crater that is almost completely covered by the mare. The diameter of this ghost crater is larger than Lambert, but it is difficult to spot except when the Sun is at a very low angle, casting long shadows.

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I'd like to see more people submit reports than did this past month -- I encourage everyone to participate, not just imagers! You can submit reports by way of images, sketches, or even without any imagery, you can come up and give a verbal report that perhaps includes the conditions you made your observations under, and the details of the equipment you used -- and of course a description of the object as you observed it! Be sure to send them to me for inclusion in the next meeting at meetingchair[at]