Observers' Challenges for October 2019

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Here are the Observers' Challenges for September 2019.
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(NGC 628)

a.k.a the Phantom Galaxy, a grand design spiral galaxy about 32 million lightyears distant in Pisces.

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Caldwell 33


 is the eastern portion of the supernova remnant popularly known as the Veil Nebula located in Cygnus.

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is an unremarkable Sbc-type spiral galaxy in Pegasus. How on Earth did it end up as the first entry in the General Catalogues, then the NGC?

Image by Astrophysical Research Consortium - SDSS9, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Palus Epidarium
(the Marsh of Epidemics... charming)
is a small mare southwest of Mare Nubium, noteworthy for Rimae Ramsden, as series of rilles in its western area.

Image from Derekscope (

Everybody - not just members, and not just imagers - are strongly encouraged to submit reports by way of images, sketches, or even without any imagery. You can come up and give a verbal report about the conditions you observed under, the details of the equipment you used, what you'd had for dinner, and of course a description of the object as you observed it! Be sure to send them to me for inclusion in the next meeting at meetingchair[at]