Observers' Challenges for September 2019

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Here are the Observers' Challenges for September 2019.
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(NGC 6514)

a.k.a the Triffid Nebula, is a gaseous (HII) region in Sagittarius.

Image from

Barnard 86
 is a dark nebula (a "Bok globule") also located in the  constellation of Sagittarius near NGC6520, which was possibly this open cluster.

Image from Coldpring Observatory

Abell 70

is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Aquila, and a challenging target at a mere 42" diameter.

Image from Astronomy Sketch of the Day

Montes Harbinger
is a cluster of mountains to be found on the north-wetsren border of Mare Imbrium and covers about 900 sq km.

Image from Lunar and Planetary Lab at U Arizona.

I still encourage more people submit reports than did this past month -- I encourage everyone to participate, not just imagers! You can submit reports by way of images, sketches, or even without any imagery, you can come up and give a verbal report that perhaps includes the conditions you made your observations under, and the details of the equipment you used -- and of course a description of the object as you observed it! Be sure to send them to me for inclusion in the next meeting at meetingchair[at]