Videos added for March and April 2019 Meetings.

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In March, Sharon Odell provided an update on the work and prospects of the RASC Ottawa Diminion Observatory Subcomittee's work to preserve and conserve the original observatory, and also presented a video testimony to "Courage and Passion: Canadian Womern in Natural Sciences" during the break. Following that, astrophysicist Dr Matt Caplan of the McGill Space Institute took the audience into the nasty, throbbing nuclear waffles pasta at hearts of neutron stars that yield gold (and other, more useful stuff), and highlighted the "remarkable agreement between theory and more theory" underpinning these discoveries. See the video here.


Following, at the April meeting, Dr Janet Tulloch of Carleton University continued to fascinate with the presentation started back at the February meeting on the "Outstanding Standing Stones" eatsblished in neolithic Orkneys and especially their solsticial alignments, and that can be found here.