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The Fred Lossing Observatory (FLO) is operated by Ottawa chapter of RASC for the benefit of its members. Members may bring their own observing gear or (with training) use one of the permanent club telescopes. The observatory celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. 

FLO is located in relatively dark skies just outside of Almonte, about 45 km west of the Highway 417/416 interchange. The land is leased from the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority known as the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area. Though the land is shared with a network of Mill of Kintail nature trails, there is a separate gated access to the observatory portion at 365 Bennies Corners Road.

The pages below outline the facilities available, guidelines for using the site, member star party dates, and the rich history of FLO.


FLO Site Use

Star Parties

FLO: a Place
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