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Development of the new Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital
at the Central Experimental Farm site near Dow’s Lake
raises a question:
How much do we want to remember and celebrate the scientific heritage of the old Dominion Observatory next door?

Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, by Wilder

The Dominion Observatory building, Ottawa  (Public Doman via Wikipedia Commons)

As we build the hospital campus next door, how about opening up this heritage building and bringing back the Dominion Telescope for public use? In the lead-up to the Federal elections we have an opportunity to build the political will to not squander an important part of the scientific heritage of all Canadians.

Michael Wolfson's opinion piece on the Ottawa Citizen give a clear justification for a call to action to ensure the Doinion Observatory's preservation, and some of the letters written in response.

You can also click through the detailed proposal for action that outlines the history of the observatory, its purpose in the context of Canada's federation and modern nationhood, and its prospects as a necessary component of the nation's heritage.

An on-line petition with be coming Real Soon Now!