Observers' challenges for February 2019

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Here are the Observers' Challenges for February 2019.
Beginner Challenge Intermediate Challenge Advanced Challenge Lunar Challenge

Crab Nebula

Rosette Nebula
(NGC 2237 Caldwell 49)

Sharpless 2-301
in Canis Major


Alpine Valley Rille
We'd love to see more submissions into both the meeting and AstroNotes with observation reports for the challenges -- the reports need not be photographs, they can be sketches, field notes, etc. Be sure to send them to me for inclusion in the next meeting at meetingchair[at]

December meeting video posted

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The video of the December meeting of RASC Ottawa Centre, to be found here on YouTube. Although there was no guest speaker, Brian MacCollough managed to take us on a very personal journey of the impact of the Apllo 8 mission 50 years ago has had on his life, while Rick Wagner covered the details of RASC Observing Programme for Messier Objects.



November meeting video now posted

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The video of the November meeting is now on YouTube here. This includes the presentation by November's guest speaker, Benjamin Gerard, a PhD candidate at University of Victoria specializing in imaging and spectroscopy of extra-solar planets, as well as the regular obervers' reports and monthly challenges, which are still worth trying even if now out of date!


September and October Meeting Videos now Available

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Catch up with events of the September meeting on YouTube here, including the third of Simon Hamner's presentations on the rapidly evolving state of solar system science. In October's recording, avalable here, Marcus Leech describes the work of the not-for-profit Canadian Centre for Experimental Radio Astronomy (CCERA) near Smiths Falls.


Thanks again to Michel Bois for editing and production.


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