Next Monthly RASC meeting - 4th December 7:30 pm

Just a reminder of our upcoming virtual meeting on Friday, November 4th at 7:30 PM. Join us from the comfort of your own home! Non-members are greatly welcome to join.

If you are NOT presenting a talk or observation You must pre-register for this Zoom webinar by clicking here  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

NOTE:  If you are doing an observation you will be sent a unique link (from Chris Teron) to join as a panelist and so you do not need to register in advance.

The teentative agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  • Ottawa Skies - Dave Chisholm

  • Presentation TBA

  • Presentation TBA

  • Observation Reports

  • Observing Challenges

AstroNotes November 2020

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Editor’s Message . Ottawa Skies . Member Profile . Monthly Challenge Objects . Submitted Images . For Sale . Estelle’s Pick of the Month . Carp Star Parties . FLO Star Parties . Next Meeting . Centre Information





Meeting Video November 2020

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Featured Presentations:

Greetings from National Office
Dr Phillip Groff

Robotic Telescope Project
Jenna Hind

Patrick Boyle




Regular items:

Chair's Welcome - Dave Chisolm
Ottawa Skies - Dave Chisolm
10-minute Astronomy News - Al Scott
Observing reports
Monthly Observers' Challenges


RASC Calendars 2021: Pre-orders closed

Thank you to all who pre-ordered the Royal Astronomical Society's multi-award-winning calendar 2021. Order closed on Friday Nov 13th and are being processed at RASC National. You will be informed by email when the calendars are available for pickup (and payment!) in Ottawa.

Those of you who might have missed need not anguish. You can individually order calendars for postal delivery from RASC National at

A beautiful must-have for any fan of astronomy, a show case of Canadian astronomers' skills and expertise, a gallery of the glories of the night sky.

This calendar was created by members of the RASC. It features spectacular astro-images taken by amateur astronomers. An informative caption accompanies every photograph.

Designed with the observer in mind, the calendar contains comprehensive astronomical data such as daily Moon rise and set times, significant lunar and planetary conjunctions, eclipses, and meteor showers. The RASC Calendar is a winner of 5 printing awards of excellence for its graphical quality and design.


  • Colour wall calendar that opens to 19" x 12"
  • Features photos taken by amateur astronomers, digitally formed using the latest techniques
  • Photographic-quality, high-resolution printing on top-quality paper
  • Photos are accompanied by a highly descriptive and informative caption
  • Includes historical anniversaries, birth dates, and literary quotations of astronomical relevance
  • Monthly grids include a host of astronomical information such as planetary and lunar conjunctions and phenomenon, eclipses, major meteor showers, daily Moon phases, and Moon/Sun rise/set times
  • Daily lunar graphics showing libration
  • Rise/set times and other astronomical predictions are applicable to all of North America
  • Canadian and U.S. holidays are included

AstroNotes October 2020

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Editor’s Message . Volunteering .Ottawa Skies . Smartphone Astronomy . Adventures in Alignment . Monthly Challenge Objects . Submitted Images . Estelle’s Pick of the Month . Carp Star Parties . FLO Star Parties . Next Meeting . Centre Information





Meeting Video October 2020

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Featured Presentations:

Mars Climate
Simon Hanmer

James Web Space Telescope
Dr. René Doyon

Regular items:

  • Ottawa Skies - Dave Chisholm
  • Mars: Science in 2020 - Dr. Simon Hanmer
  • M&M Challenge (over the 5-minute break)
  • James Web Space Telescope - Dr. René Doyon
  • Observation Reports
  • Observing Challenges


Observation Challenges for October

oecheverri's picture
Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar Solar System

Messier 33
Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum
Also known as “The Triangulum Galaxy”
Magnitude 5.7
2.73Mly away

NGC 7009
Planetary nebula in Aquarius
Also known as “The Saturn Nebula”
Magnitude 8.0
41”x35” in size

Nebula in constellation Cepheus
Also known as “The Elephant’s Trunk”

Solis Lacus
Officially known as Solis Lacus
Variable surface feature of Mars
Variability thought the be caused by dust storms


Messier 74
Spiral galaxy in Pisces
10th magnitude
10.5’ x 9.5’ in size
Sometimes called the “Phantom Galaxy”

Caldwell 33
Also known as the Veil Nebula
Supernova remnant in Cygnus
7th magnitude
OIII filter helps quite a bit

Spiral galaxy in Pegasus
13.6 apparent magnitude
1.6’ x 1.2’ apparent size
First object observed by Heinrich d’Arrest in 1860

Palus Epidemiarum
Small lunar mare on the south western part of the moon
Southwest of Mare Nubium
Covers an area about 286km in diameter


M31- Andromeda Galaxy
Spiral Galaxy in Andromeda
Nearest galactic neighbour*
Magnitude 3.4
Easy target in binoculars

NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula
Emission Nebula in Cygnus
Magnitude 7.4
May require a UHC or OIII filter to observe

Stephan’s Quintet
Comprised of NGC7317,
7318A & B, 7319, 7320
Magnitudes 13.2 - 14.3
Located in Pegasus

Mons Hadley and Rima Hadley
Mons Hadley - a mountain in the northern part of the Montes Apenninus
Rima Hadley - Sinous Rille 80 km in length
Both close to the Apollo 15 landing site
Best viewed Days 7 and 20-21.




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