Next Monthly Ottawa RASC meeting on Zoom - Friday 8 July 2022

Super Blood Flower Moon digital art by Natasha Blazevic


True of False:

That the 8 July Major Occultation in 937AD (Arabic: ٱلْغَيْبَة ٱلْكُبْرَىٰ, al-Ghaybah al-Kubrā) was of the star Hujjat-Allah al-Mahdi, the second occultation after the Minor Occultation.

One way to know for sure is to join us for the RASC Ottawa Centre Zoom-inar Friday 8 July 7:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). I keep offering free beer at the end of these things but no-one has taken me up on it yet.

Anyone looking to look out from this Earth is welcome.

Pre-register for this Zoom webinar (unless you are presenting a talk or observation) at

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

NOTE:  If you are presenting an observation you then will be sent a unique link (from Chris Teron) to join as a panelist and do not need to register.

Our very serious science-oriented agenda could include

  • Mick Wilson – Introduction and disputing the very existence of the northern hemisphere
  • Dave Chisholm - Ottawa Skies for July
  • TBC - Allan Jones on Astronomy and the establishing the Canadian border; if you're unlucky it'll be Mick Wilson rabbiting on about some southern hemisphere thing.
  • Simon Hanmer - Solar System Science in 2022
  • BioBreak and bio-degradable Astro-trivia
  • Observation Reports - mostly harmless, and safe for children
  • Monthly Observing Challenges
  • Announcements and Free Beer (and, yes, that was a joke from the last five months, and counting, but nobody other than Rick Wagner got it)

Door prizes this month are free Tribbles to good homes.

AstroNotes 2022 June Vol: 61 issue 06

Download PDF version: 

Meeting Video 2022 - June

Venue of Event: 


Observation Reports 2022-06

Thanks to our observers: 

Jim Sofia
Natasha Blazevic
Andrea Girones
Oscar Echeverri
Gordon Dewis
Richard Taylor
Taras Rabarskyi
Bob Olson
Paul Klauninger

Observing Challenges for June

Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar

Messier 107
Globular cluster in Ophiucus
7.9 apparent magnitude
10’ in size

Arp 272
A trio of interacting galaxies in Hercules
15th to 17th magnitude apparent brightness
0.9’ x 0.7’ apparent size

NGC 6692
A pair of interacting galaxies in Lyra
11th magnitude in brightness
1’ x 0.5’ apparent size

Mons Pico
A solitary mountain lying in the northern part of Mare Imbrium
2500m high
25km x 15km in size