The first action is for the appropriate bodies in the federal government to pass a preservation mandate that stops the disposal of relevant historical artifacts and records from the Dominion Observatory, Natural Resources Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Environment Canada. This should relate to all of earth science, not just astronomical records.

The second action is for the federal government to insist that the development of the Ottawa Hospital complex not preclude the potential future establishment of the Dominion Observatory as a Science Museum by not obscuring the view of the sky from the Observatory or by creating parking expanses or other lighting that flood the surrounding areas with light. The current proposal for the Ottawa Hospital seems sensitive to these concerns, but the plans for the Ottawa Hospital are not finalized and aspects such as preservation of the environs are likely to suffer in the future.

The third action is to work with the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology to create the Dominion Observatory as a museum. Hopefully this will assist the Museum of Science and Technology by reducing its artifact storage requirements and provide a new venue for the teaching of Science and Technology to the general public.

In addition, the City of Ottawa, and the Ottawa Tourism Board should be engaged to make such a museum a tourist attraction. The school boards should also be involved to integrate such a facility, astronomy, geophysics, earth and environmental science into their teaching resources.