Dr. Al Scott

The 2017 Solar Eclipse: How Lucky is That?

For centuries people have been amazed by the rare spectacle of a total solar eclipse. We now know that the moon is slowly receding from the earth due to tidal interactions. How big of a coincidence is it that the two dominant astronomical objects in our sky appear to be the same size? What are the best places to go to see the 2017 total eclipse, and will it be the last one ever?

Dr. Al ScottDr. Al Scott received his PhD from University of Waterloo in laboratory astrophysics. Since then he has been working in the Canadian space industry with CAL, EMS Technologies, COM DEV, and now Honeywell, focused on space-based optical remote sensing. A past president of the Ottawa Centre, he also runs the Ted Bean Telescope Loan Library, and enjoys presenting astronomy news segments at the monthly meetings.