Protection of the Dominion Observatory: A Proposal

18 April 2019    Download PDF Version

Dominion Observatory and Sun Dial, 1904 [Source: NA, PA12892]1


The Dominion Observatory is an important historical scientific entity. The building and environs have been designated as a “Classified Federal Heritage Building” by Parks Canada. However the artifacts and records of the Dominion Observatory are in imminent peril and are at risk of being destroyed and disposed of. An unknown number of artifacts and records have already been destroyed. The environs of the observatory are also at risk because of the development of the new Ottawa Hospital. The Canadian Heritage department together with Natural Resources Canada and other related departments need to establish a mandate to preserve the records and artifacts of the Dominion Observatory and related artifacts and records for earth science, geophysics, and environmental science. The development of the Ottawa Hospital needs to be done in such a way so that it preserves the environs of the Dominion Observatory and does not preclude the future establish of a Science and Technology museum in the Dominion Observatory building.


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