RASC Ottawa Centre Meetings

Our Meeting Schedule


Meanwhile, watch Ottawa RASC's Facebook and MeetUp for possible on-line webinars, meetings and chat sessions.

The RASC Ottawa Centre has monthly meetings, usually the first Friday of each month. Every now and then, we have change that date, but you can always check the schedule right here.

Meetings start at 7:30 pm and run for approximately two hours. There's usually an informal get-together after the meetings.

2020 Meetings (so we thought)

  • Friday Jan 3
  • Friday Feb 7
  • Friday Mar 6
  • Friday Apr 3 - done: videoed
  • Friday May 1 - done: videoed
  • Friday June 5- done: videoed
  • Friday July 3 - done: videoed
  • Friday Aug 7 - done: videoed
  • Friday Sep 10 - done: videoed
  • Friday Oct 2- done: videoed
  • Friday Nov 6

Do you have an idea for a presentation at an upcoming meeting?

We're always interested in seeing what Ottawa Centre members are doing and what they can share with their fellow members. If you'd like to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting, contact the Meeting Chair. We'll help you get your presentation set up and looking great.

Our Meeting Location

Our monthly meetings are held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Here's a Google map, where you can get directions.

What if you're not a member?

No problem! You can come to our meetings as a visitor.

If you like what you see, why not join the RASC Ottawa Centre?

Tell us about your observations!

Ottawa Centre members are always welcome to display their work during the regular Observations segments of our monthly meetings. We'd love to see photos, sketches, or short reports of what you've been observing.  Just send your work to the Meeting Chair, and include a short note describing what you've done.

What? You don't think your work is worth showing at a meeting?

If you don't think your work is worth displaying, think again!  Sure, we've got some extremely good astrophotographers in the Ottawa Centre, but don't feel overwhelmed. Everyone starts somewhere, so be proud of what you've done. You might just encourage someone else to try something new.