Ted Bean Telescope Loan Library

Our telescope librarian, Darren Weatherwall, has a number of telescopes available for loan to Ottawa RASC members only.

NEW POLICY: For only $50 members can get a telescope for unlimited loan (until requested by another member)! If requested before the end of 5 months, a pro-rated refund will be applied.

Are you thinking of buying a telescope? Why not try one first? Telescopes can be borrowed for $10/mo with $10 deposit.
Bino-viewer eyepiece adapter now available with matched 20 mm eyepieces for $10/mo!
Binoculars and 3" SCT (with camera adapter) can be borrowed for $5/mo.


GEO77 "Astroscan"-type 114mm Telescope

GEO77 "Astroscan"-type 114mm Telescope
20 mm Plossl Eyepiece
12 mm Edmund Sci Eyepiece
Front Aperture Cover
Lens Cleaning Cloth
Carrying Strap
Instruction Manual
Base Included

Bausch and Lomb 3 inch SCT Bausch and Lomb 3 inch SCT
Alt-Az Mount
Eyepieces (30mm and 18mm A.S.P.; Plossl 10mm)
35mm Camera Attachment Adapter
2-inch Bayonet Adapter
Star Diagonal
Instruction Manual
Tripod Included
Tento 7x50 Binoculars Tento 7x50 Binoculars
2 Primary Lens Covers
2 Eyepiece Covers
Carrying Case
Carrying Strap
Sky-Watcher 70mm Refractor Sky-Watcher
70mm Refractor

Alt-Az Mount
4 Eyepieces (25, 20, 12.5, and 4mm)
Fabric Carrying Case
Tripod Included
Coulter Odyssey 8-inch Dobsonian

Coulter Odyssey 8-inch Dobsonian
6, 10, 25 mm eyepieces
Instruction manual online here

Celestron 4.5" NexStar Reflector on Go-To Mount

Celestron 4.5" NexStar Reflector on Go-To Mount

1x holo finder
Eyepieces: 6.5, 15, 40 mm Plossl
Instruction manual online here

SkyWatcher 8-inch Dobsonian SkyWatcher 8-inch Dobsonian
10.5 mm Televue Plossl Eyepiece
42 mm Plossl; 25 mm Celestron
Meade 4000 2x Barlow
Ultra High Contrast Filter
Meade 8-inch SCT Meade 8-inch SCT
Goto Mount, 2" camera mount;
Red dot, Telrad, and optical finder
2" 56 mm, 1.25" 4, 6, 9, 15, 32 mm;
Set of Celestron colour imaging filters;
UHC Nebula Filter; Barlow
Meade 90mm StarNavigator Refractor with GoTo Controller Meade 90mm StarNavigator Refractor
with GoTo Controller

holo finder
Meade Set of 6 Eyepieces
Astro 6" refractor

Astro Telescopes 6" Refractor
f/5.9 Telescope
GE Mount