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Public Star parties are Back!

Check for last-minute updates on Facebook or MeetUp.

July 2nd Carp library/ Diefenbunker car park

It's July so it does not get really dark until 10:30- 11:00pm - you should not come too early!


Following Dates

Aug 19 (backup Aug 20)
Sept 30 (back up Oct 1) Aviation Museum

So: What's public stargazing?

Stargazing events (also called star parties) are where our members set up their telescopes and share their passion of the night sky by inviting the public to look through their telescopes.

Our star parties are held in the parking lot of the Carp Branch of the Ottawa Public library (scroll down for map, location).  All star parties are free. They are wonderful family-friendly events and well-suited for people who wish to know more about the night sky.

We promote our love of the night sky!

You do not have to bring a telescope to attend. If you have binoculars, bring them with you. Otherwise, just bring yourself!

All star parties are weather permitting. If the sky is cloudy, we will cancel an event. Sometimes, because of unpredictable weather, we might have to cancel a star party with only a few hours notice.
Before traveling to the star party please check Facebook, MeetUp or our fabulously-well provision web site for the latest Go/No-Go status.

Don't know what to expect? We've thought of that! Check out The Visitor's Guidebook for Public Star Parties.

Public observing — start and end times

Public observing starts at sunset on every scheduled evening and will continue, weather permitting, until 12:30 AM. You are also welcome to arrive after sunset and leave sooner than 12:30 AM.

People with telescopes are welcome to arrive 90 minutes before sunset to set up equipment. All equipment must be removed from the observing site by 1 AM at the latest.

Location and Directions

We set up our telescopes in the parking lot of the Carp Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. This is adjacent to the famous Diefenbunker Museum.

The Carp Library is at 3911 Carp Road, Carp ON. Here's a link to a Google map for the site.

Other info

We are delighted that members of the Ottawa Astronomy Friends club will be joining us with their telescopes. They offer this short article on what to expect at a Star Party.