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Ottawa Skies this Month
Dave Chisholm

Dave Chisolm's monthly digest of what's up in Ottawa skies

Grade 9 Introduction to Astronomy

Richard Taylor

A resource for teachers. Richard Taylor has made available the presentation that he made to a year 9 class in April 2022.

Planetary Geology

Simon Hanmer

For much of the past two decades Simon Hanmer has presented a series of talks, principally on planetary geology, to the Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC).
​These presentations, reviews and commentaries seek to bring a professional - and constructively critical - geological perspective to bear on the publicly available data and interpretations made by the national space agencies and their associated university colleagues.

Exploring Impact Craters

Chuck O'Dale

Chuck O'Dale loves to combine his three hobbies of astronomy, flying and geology into one, which he titles as “Big Holes in the Ground”. He has flown his small plane (C-GOZM or GO ZooM) to almost every meteorite crater in Canada from east to west to the high Arctic, as well as many in the US and as far south as Arecibo in Puerto Rico.