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AstroNotes 2020 October Vol: 59 issue 10

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Meeting Video October 2020

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Ottawa Skies - Dave Chisholm
M&M Challenge (over the 5-minute break)
Observation reports
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Observation Challenges for October

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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar Solar System

Messier 33
Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum
Also known as “The Triangulum Galaxy”
Magnitude 5.7
2.73Mly away

NGC 7009
Planetary nebula in Aquarius
Also known as “The Saturn Nebula”
Magnitude 8.0
41”x35” in size

Nebula in constellation Cepheus
Also known as “The Elephant’s Trunk”

Solis Lacus
Officially known as Solis Lacus
Variable surface feature of Mars
Variability thought the be caused by dust storms


Messier 74
Spiral galaxy in Pisces
10th magnitude
10.5’ x 9.5’ in size
Sometimes called the “Phantom Galaxy”

Caldwell 33
Also known as the Veil Nebula
Supernova remnant in Cygnus
7th magnitude
OIII filter helps quite a bit

Spiral galaxy in Pegasus
13.6 apparent magnitude
1.6’ x 1.2’ apparent size
First object observed by Heinrich d’Arrest in 1860

Palus Epidemiarum
Small lunar mare on the south western part of the moon
Southwest of Mare Nubium
Covers an area about 286km in diameter