Observing Challenges for March

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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar
2021 NGC 2392
Planetary Nebula in Gemini
~6500ly away
Known as the “Clown-faced Nebula”
48”x48” apparent size
NGC 2440
Planetary Nebula in Puppis
~4000ly away
74”x42” apparent size
Palomar 1
Globular Cluster in Cepheus
~36,000 ly away
2.8’ apparent size
Fra Mauro
Remains of a walled plain whose centre is intersected by longitudinal clefts
East of Mare Insularum and Mare Cognitum


Messier 65
Also catalogued as NGC3623
35MLy away in Leo
Part of the “Leo triplet”
10.25 apparent magnitude

NGC 2438
Planetary nebula in Puppis
2900ly away
10.8 Apparent magnitude
1.1’ in apparent size

Palomar 4
Globular Cluster in Ursa Major
At least 65,000ly away, further than SagDEG satellite galaxy.
Originally believed to be a dwarf galaxy named “Ursa Major Dwarf”

Crater Aristoteles
Impact creator on the southern edge of Mare Frigoris
87km in diameter
3.3km deep