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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar

Messier 80
- Globular cluster in Scorpio
- 7.3 apparent magnitude
- 10’ in size

- Spiral Galaxy in Hercules
- 11.7 magnitude
- 3.0’ x 1.2’ apparent sizes

Terzan 7
- Globular Cluster In Sagittarius
- 7.3’ apparent size
- 12 magnitude in brightness

- Lava Filled Impact Crater
- 101km diameter
- 1.5km deep

2021 Messier 15
Globular cluster in Pegasus
33kly away
6.2 apparent magnitude
18’ x 18’ apparent size
Nebula in Cygnus
Also known as Cocoon Nebula
7.2 Apparent magnitude
12’x12’x apparent size
Pease 1
Planetary Nebula within M15
33kly away
Tiny at only 3’’x3” apparent size
15th magnitude in brightness
Crater Goldschmidt
Impact crater near the northern
limb of the moon
2 km deep
113 km in diameter

Messier 4
Globular Cluster in Scorpius
~6th magnitude
26’ apparent size

NGC 6503
Spiral Galaxy in Draco
10th magnitude in brightness

Simeis 57
Emission nebula in Cygnus
Also known as the “Propeller Nebula”
23’ x 4’x apparent size
Very subtle object!

Crater Wöhler
Lunar impact crater
Located in crater field Rabbi Levi
27km wide
2.1km deep


Messier 92
NGC 6341
Globular cluster in Hercules
Fairly bright ~6.5th magnitude
Often overlooked due to proximity of M13

NGC 6210
AKA The Turtle Nebula
Planetary nebula in Hercules
9.2 Magnitude in brightness

IC 1296
Spiral galaxy in Lyra
14.8 magnitude
0.9'x0.5' size
Located just 4' northwest of M57220

Apollo XI Landing Site
Located in Mare Tranquilitatis
South of crater Moltke
North of craters Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin


An optical double star in Cygnus
Designated as Beta Cygni
2 components of very different colouring

M20 - The Trifid Nebula
HII Region in Sagitarius

IC 1396 - The Elephant Trunk
Interstellar cloud of gas and dust in the constellation Cepheus

Crater Gassendi
Lunar impact crater on the northern ridge of Mare Humorum
110km in diameter, 1.9km deep
The rim varies in height from as little as 200m to as high as 2.5km.