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Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar

Messier 107
Globular cluster in Ophiucus
7.9 apparent magnitude
10’ in size

Arp 272
A trio of interacting galaxies in Hercules
15th to 17th magnitude apparent brightness
0.9’ x 0.7’ apparent size

NGC 6692
A pair of interacting galaxies in Lyra
11th magnitude in brightness
1’ x 0.5’ apparent size

Mons Pico
A solitary mountain lying in the northern part of Mare Imbrium
2500m high
25km x 15km in size

2021 Messier 84
NGC 4374
Lenticular galaxy in Virgo
55M ly away
10th magnitude
6’.5x5’.6 apparent size
NGC 5689
Lenticular galaxy in Boötes
11.9 magnitude
120M ly away
3’.66x0’.91 apparent size
Abell Galaxy Cluster 2065
Galaxy Cluster in Corona Borealis
1.2B ly away
Spans 22.4’
Crater Posidonius
Impact crater in Lacus Somniorum
2.3km deep
95km in diameter
13 total craterlets: A B C D E F G J M
N P W Y Z. Half the alphabet!

Messier 64
AKA “Black Eye Galaxy”
Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices
~8th magnitude
10.7’ x 5.1’ apparent size

NGC 5529
Spiral Galaxy in Boötes
11th Magnitude in brightness
6.2’ x 0.8’ apparent size

NGC 6578
Planetary Nebula in Sagittarius
13.5th magnitude
8”x8” size

Crater Catharina
Ancient lunar impact crater
Located near Rupes Altai
100km wide
3.1km deep


Messier 13
AKA NGC 6205
Globular Cluster in Hercules
~22,200–25,000 light-years away
Apparent magnitude ~5.8
~23' diameter

NGC 3172
AKA "Polarissima Borealis" is a galaxy in Ursa Minor
Closest NGC object to the north celestial pole
~280 Mly distant

GC 6197
A 15th-magnitude lenticular galaxy (type SB0/a?) in Hercules
~454 Mly distant
"extremely faint, extended, stellar"

Rimae Alphonsus
Rille system on the floor of crater Alphosus.

2018 Messier 8
AKA The Lagoon Nebula
Emission Nebula in the constellation Sagittarius
Also known as NGC6523
The Cat’s Eye Nebula
Catalogued as NGC 6543
Planetary nebula in Draco
Mag 8.1 with 10.9 central star
Seyfert’s Sextet
Known to many as Hickson Compact Galaxy Group 79
Tight gathering of galaxies in the northern corner of Serpens Caput
NGC 6127 & NGC 6027 [A-E]
Schröter’s Valley
Located in Oceanus Procellarum
Named for the German selenographer Johannes Schröter
Originates at a 6.4km wide crater 24km north of Herodotus
24km long narrowing to 400m at its thinnest